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SALES: The Great Shortage…

Employers and customers alike acknowledge the great shortage. The shortage of... excited, committed, professional, and skilled salespeople.

To the salespeople killing it, congratulations. To the people not... fill the shortage, step up to be counted. Your family, company, and country is counting on you to fill the gap.

Because the barrier to entry in sales is so low, almost anyone can start a career in sales. Sadly most are untrained and/or uncommitted. Sales has become a 5 letter swear word so we retitle ourselves as:

  • Account Manager

  • Account Executive

  • New Business Development

  • Client Engagement Specialist

  • Customer Enablement Consultant

  • Etc…etc…etc…

To fill the gap employers, perhaps a relook at how we recruit, how we train and how we manage salespeople… will cut the cost of attrition.

Embrace the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats; investing in current, effective, and ongoing training programs benefits everyone.

With a commitment to excellence, a success mindset, and a toolkit of commission-boosting strategies, your team can stand out in sales.

It's time for salespeople to be epic at what they do. Invest in a winning attitude and arm yourself with the tools for success.

Commit to the notion that failure is not an option, and success is the only outcome. The shortage of this commitment is ours to fill, individually and collectively.

Great salespeople will always be in demand. Write your own cheque and fill the gap because, in the world of sales, the bottom is full, and the top is eagerly awaiting living legends like you to address the great shortage!

Like, comment, and share if you're ready to redefine success in sales!

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