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Networking Strategies To Increase Sales

Networking is an easy way to get known, build a customer database, and source constant referrals...

Beyond the cliches...networking works. Every day there are thousands of formal networking events happening and even more informal networking events.

What are these informal networking events? People gather at schools, gyms, churches, weddings, and golf days etc...The sophisticated networker knows that a network is merely a gathering of people. What makes a network powerful is its intention.

For the sales professional who is clear about her intention, networking is a power tool in the arsenal of sales tools available for target and commission achievement.

Here Are 7 Networking Strategies To Increase Sales:

  1. Make the decision and commitment to network. Sounds easy but how many sales people are professional networkers? They agree mentally but never get committed. Decide and commit now!

  2. What gets scheduled gets done. Book yourself to attend formal networking events that attract your target audience.

  3. Wear your service hat. Help people at the networking event by:

a) Doing business with them (where possible).

b) Introducing them "warmly" to someone who could do business with them.

c) Share with them some of your formal networks where they could prosper.

4. Set some targets for yourself at your networking events. I firmly believe a man who aims at nothing, hits nothing. Take aim.

a) Get Known and Stay known. Become memorable, for the new business and referrals to flow your way.

b) Close sales in the room (where possible).

c) Schedule "x" number of meetings.

d) Get "y" number of new introductions.

5. Go to work. Work the room, not the buffet breakfast.

6. Send follow-up "thank you" messagesby email, WhatsApp, or SMS after the event. If you are a real player you may want to send a handwritten note or card.

7. Become a marketing and sales extension of the people you network with promoting them, their amazing products, and services to everyone you meet who may need them. Then make the introduction.

Give, give give...and watch how God, the universe, and man reciprocate.

Like all things, networking works, when you do the work.

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