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Why Employers Struggle to Find Good Salespeople

The biggest complaint I get from sales directors and managers is “I can’t find any good people”.

They often sift through endless piles of cv's (resumes), only to find that most sales candidates just don't make the cut.

Trust me, you're not alone. Employers all over are grappling with this same challenge, and let me tell you, it's not about a lack of talent—it's about the lack of proper training.

Here are the top three reasons employers struggle to find good people:

Misplaced Priorities

Most candidates can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Many employers prioritize experience over potential, leaving diamonds in the rough undiscovered.

Lack of Training and Mentorship

Sales is not just about hitting quotas; it's about constant training and development. Without proper training, mentorship, and guidance, even the most promising candidates can struggle.

Changing Landscape

The sales landscape is evolving faster than ever. Digital platforms, social media, and remote work have reshaped the game. Are your candidates keeping up?

The Antidote? Training, Training, And More Training!

Invest in your team's development.  The best companies provide the best, ongoing, and varied training to keep their salespeople razor sharp:

Training Self-Belief and Self Worth

Self-belief is the unshakable confidence in your abilities and potential to achieve your goals. 

Instill unwavering self-confidence in your sales team. Teach them to believe in themselves and their abilities. A confident salesperson is a persuasive one. 

Mindset Training

Cultivate a winning mindset that embraces challenges and learns from failures. 

A strong mindset is the foundation of resilience and adaptability in the ever-changing sales world.

Sales Skills Training

Equip your team with the latest and most effective sales techniques. From negotiation strategies to mastering the art of closing deals, arming your team with these skills is non-negotiable.

So, don't waste any more time and resources on the never-ending hunt for the elusive "perfect" salesperson...they don't exist but they are trainable!

Invest in your people and watch your sales soar. Remember, the future of your business depends on the team you build today.

Want to help your team build the self worth, the mindset and sales skills that pays?

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